Premium Membership

Swap your things for things you want.

1. Earn Coins

Earn unlimited Coins when you Complete Surveys, Watch Video Ads, Install Apps, and more!

2. Declutter & Save

Give away your unwanted items and get things you need in return.

3. Cash Out

Redeem coins to get gift cards, digital games, cryptocurrency, and more!

First I just want to say thank you for being a member on SwapCaps. Just by using the site you are contributing towards our mission of creating a safe/stable/rewarding/ecofriendly marketplace!

Whether you use the site for rewards, to trade games, or to declutter your things we really do appreciate you and hope you find value here. We'll never require any kind of membership or payment to use the site.

Premium Membership is an optional upgrade if you would like an additional way to support SwapCaps. The cost goes towards operating the site, attracting more users, and development.

Premium Features

No Ads
Turn off all ads making browsing smoother.

Swap Freely
0% transaction fee when you sell an item.

Earn Cap Offer Bonus
+5% bonus on all Earn Cap Offers that payout 10 or more Caps

Address AutoSubmit
Choose a main Address and it will be autosubmitted to sellers when you win auctions/listings.

Free Referrals
When someone joins SwapCaps without using a referral link, they will be randomly assigned as a Premium Member's referral.

Vote on New Features
Submit and vote on what features you want to see added onto SwapCaps.

4 Ways to Become Premium

-Weekly Auction for 30 Day Premium Membership
-Top the Leaderboard
-One time payment of $3 for 30 Day Premium Membership
-One time payment of $30 for 1 Year Premium Membership

Purchase Premium

We are still in the process of finishing the features. Once everything is ready we will make a post on facebook/reddit/twitter when it is available.

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